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This marks the 14th school year that the Youth Motivational Learning Center (YMLC) has been "Making a Difference" helping our academic at-risk youth succeed one student @ a time!  Our target audience is middle & high schools, with a special outreach to AA males and under-served adults in the community. 

YMLC is a grassroots privately-funded nonprofit 501(C)(3) FREE academic Tutoring, Mentoring, Test Prep and Community Technology Learning Center serving Northern Cincinnati and others, as needed.  YMLC is building on the strength of its VISION to be instrumental in helping our youth excel academically, especially in math and science; a catalyst that builds confidence and inspires them pursue STEM careers; and to be an asset to the community.  

* Raise grades by 1 letter in math & science (or sustain "A" average)
* 90% school attendance
* 10% increase in number of students passing State Graduation Test, especially 
   in math & science

YMLC is successful because of the one-on-one attention the students get from our talented, dedicated, and patient volunteer tutors/mentors (a resource pool with a large number of P&G volunteers).

We are all committed to this important Outreach Service for our Community and future Leaders -- our Youth.  Also, we share a core belief: Everyone Can Learn!” 

Carolyn Rutland-White 
 -- P&G Retiree 
YMLC - Founder & President
LifeSkills -- HOT TOPICS
        *   PSI (Postponing Sexual Involvement)

Youth Facilitators doing a great job of leading this important Workshop.
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With student help, we publish the YMLC SCOOP4U, a monthly newsletter that we use to keep our families up to date on the latest school news and activities.
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  • Past school year, 100% of YMLC students increased math & science grades by 1 letter.
  • 85% increased by 2+ letter grades.
  • 83% of students in grades 10-12 passed all 5 parts of Ohio Graduation Test.
  • 84% passed both math & science. 
  • YMLC received Award recognition helping a local school district to meet State Standards.
  • Honored with Presidential Award in 2010 from Ohio School Board Association (OSBA) in Columbus for dedicated leadership to improve student academic achievement. 

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